Friday, July 6, 2012


We awoke to clear blue skies and a temperature perfect
for riding motorcycles, i was surrounded by a beautiful
array of vintage iron - knuckles, flatties, pans, chiefs & scouts.
What happen the rest of the day was the greatest experience
i have ever had on a motorcycle. Riding into Switzerland along
twisting mountain roads, riding through tunnels, over bridges,
along lakes and rivers. Passing forests, woods and beautiful
valleys, through picturesque villages, towns and hamlets,
Castles, monasteries and chateaux's. Every time i started my 
bike i thought how could this get better but it did......

Sadly i have few photos to show the exprience.

Stopping for lunch somewhere in CH

Another long day of riding, and another
day of perfect running with the full-dresser.

Another break down, another beautiful town,
Anders snapped his clutch rod.

In the scorching heat i needed to swim.