Saturday, March 26, 2011


This week Dan's 45 was featured on, and here are some of the comments-

''Beautiful bike, so much character. If only it could tell it's stories.''

''This is a beautiful bike. I know it would probably be blasphemous, but I would finish the paint. Nothing flashy, no metallic, the same color, and I think that would complete the bike. At least for me.''

''I agree with you on the paint; and I think you had the right strategy. People seem to forget that stuff is only original ONCE! I also think modern American culture is obsessed with squeaky clean, shiny stuff, and have lost sight of the "soul" of real hardware, like this bike. But that obsession is a result of generations raised on television, fast food and a lack of the handy crafts. Keep up the good work.''

''One of the best looking bikes I've seen on here in some time. It's brilliant that this was saved and able to be enjoyed so many years later. I remember that flatty bobber that came out of this shop as well which i liked a lot. Keep up the good work Jamesville.''

''....43 wlc would be od green or navy the patina is post gone....civilian muffler with strange bandages on the clamps.....mis matched fenders and all with dents etc.....civilian wheels, unless it be south african wla(c)(?)'s a sweet story.....waxing nostolgic for a bike that is neither here nor there.....??hey i like it too, but it is what it is.....''

''The change of colours, swapping of parts are the story of the bike. It would be eays to take it back to it's original state and over restore it losing it's character. Congratulations to James and the owner for preserving the integrity of this bikes history. I notice the pillion perch, was the owner's Grandmother courted on this vehicle?''