Thursday, August 29, 2019


300 tickets, $100 per ticket.

If you have ever dreamed of owning one of my bikes? this could be one of your last chances. 

A complete rebuild by Jamesville Motorcycles in 2015. Rebuilt engine 74” & transmission. W&W complete front end, fork and dual brakes. Rebuilt 19” rims with Avon tires. Custom made “Axed” gas tank made from 3 ½ gallon tanks. Original style rear fender chopped and narrowed.  Custom handle bars and grips, Custom exhaust with British style muffler. Modified tombstone light. Complete new electrical system, Cycle Electric generator and regulator, Mallory ignition, Crane coil, all new cloth/vintage style wiring. Brand new Del ‘Orto carborator. Custom paint Jamesville. 

Beautiful bike, great example of early style chopper, it runs and rides perfectly. The bike has been ridden ONLY 200 kilometers since rebuild. Bike is located in Denmark 🇩🇰 Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a bike I built for $100!!!


1. Please pay $100 per ticket to PayPal address and PLEASE use Friends&Family. If you do not your money will be refunded.

2. I will only except payment through PayPal, NO cash, bank transfers, cheques or goats..

3. Please pay in $$. Not £,€ or anything else or your money will be refunded.

4. Please do not ask me to pick your ticket if you offer me a bribe, you will be disqualified immediately.

5. I will help with organizing shipping but will not pay any money towards the shipping.

6. If the raffle takes too long a period, everyone’s money will be returned.

7. The raffle draw will be done live on Instagram.

8. If your name is Donald Trump, you are not allowed to buy into this Danish raffle!!

Thank you very much, and good luck!! PLEASE SHARE!! 🙏

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