Saturday, July 6, 2013


To me this is the king of Harley events,
its the one i try and emulate, but never quite succeed.
 this is what its all about to me, long hauling on old bikes!!
Here is my instagram diary of the trip....

This is the secret location of 'Linkert Attacks 2013'.
 I was told not to tell anyone but screw that!!......
i will be lucky if i even get there because after crashing a ferry, 
DFDS have cancelled all ferries this week. The mission is on!!

Here is a sight i have not seen in a while.....
Well five bikes in and fixed the last few weeks, 
I have a little cash in my pocket and in 5 minutes
 i will leave on a 3000km trip to 'linkert attacks'. 
See some of you in Old Bligthy!!

First stop on our hope to be epic journey. 
We have two days to travel 850km to the 
Hook of Holland. From there England.....
p.s thanks lover for letting me leave for ten days 
on my bike, you are the best wife. 

On the ferry to germany, quick look at the map, 
Red bull and choclate milk for desert 
and then 180km to hamburg.....just saying!!

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