Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 A little maintence outside a barn from the year 1386.....
it would make a nice shop!! #justsaying 

Rode from Plymouth to Oxford Sunday to spend some 
time with the folks. Thank you for letting us stay 
and my birthday present, i love you guys.

Another visit to another school, this time my
 pre-prep school, saw the cane i was beaten with when bad... 

Well sadly this will be our last pub lunch, 
in the Red Lion dating from the 14th century. 
Gone are the days of bad pub food!! 

And the last stop on memory lane is the house 
i grew up in, so strange as i have not been to 
any of these places for more than 25 years. 

Two road weary hogs. I built this chopper for Martin a 
few years ago and so dreaded a long road trip 
incase something blow up, very luckily for me (and for him) 
it did not. all he did was change the spark plugs after 2750kms.

See you later paulie @magnetozoo and congrats on
 'Best Knuckle'. The boys are back in europe..... 

It was too good to be true, 200 kms from copenhagen, 
somehow the wheel hub sheared every stud and bolt off 
the brake drum other than one. So have manged to 
screw in a normal bolt. Fingers crossed for 200 kms ........

My road brother for Linkert attacks 2013 'Chopper Martin' 
as he is know in CPH. Together we rode 2918 kms,
 4 countries, 11 brigdes, 7 cities, 100's of small towns and villages, 
4 ferries, 0 Macdonalds and 2 red light districts. 
Thank you buddy for every second. 

Sorry girl but this is where we end our Linkert Attacks
 epic adventure, on the side of the freeway 5 kms from home.....
its been awesome and just making it this far on 
one nut was amazing. 

So she will be a 'trailer queen' for the last 5 kms. 
I am so proud of her, she did good. 
Shes a keeper!! Thank  @jacoboler and nicolas 
for your help and safety, you are awesome. 

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  1. Nice photo diary! Good meeting you too ... I hope to see you at LA14.