Saturday, January 19, 2013

BACK TO WORK 2013!!!

Well things are almost back to normal, after being in 
hospital and sometime back in the UK resting, i am
ready to start 2013. First up is to finish the 
Knucklehead which is getting the traditional bobber
treatment and some updated mechanical parts...

Also coming up in the shop is a 
'Custom Bobber Panhead'
and a 'WR style 45'.

And in my spare time, i am starting to strip down 
and rebuild my 'to be' daily cruiser....

And lastly, this will be built into a show bike 
for Events this summer, i think....


  1. Hey James, glad to see you back on your feet....i am eager to see new photos from your shop :)....Andrei

  2. That's a beautiful knuckle. I'm disabled and had to sell my 46 so my children had Christmas. Kept my 92 ultra but not the same. Knew the knuckle would sell almost made me cry when I saw this