Sunday, September 2, 2012


Clients often start with the line 'James i want my
bike to be reliable and start first time'. This is my way
of trying to fulfill that request.

12volt CycleElectric generator.

Crane coil, design for electronic ignition.

Electronic ignition & regulator tucked away in they
 original places, now you see it ......

Now you don't.

I use a guy who bench tests most of my bikes after a build,
he has also held World Titles in drag racing on a Harley.
He would tell me that the carbs i used were shit,
 'well what carb should i use?'
'CV! best carb ever made for a harley'
I listened and now i have learnt.


  1. That regulator looks great - can y7ou let me know who makes them Thanks!

  2. Upgrade 6: buy a Honda!

    Only joshing my friend, I've seen your bikes run and the proof is there for all to see.

    I have run two Panheads with 'shit' carbs, one with totally stock 6v system and they have both been reliable starters... just have to keep on top of the boring stuff.

    Hope all's good in beautiful Copenhagen!

  3. James...... I think you have to open a window in the shop..... the fumes are getting to you mate .....!!

  4. Think what people miss in this advice, is that not everyone of my clients is an expert at mechanics and they want they bike to be as reliable as possible. That is doable if you up date to modern parts, and also what my clients ask for is 'a great running bike' not one that is running good some of the time. i don't understand why people try to argue this point, i am not saying anything about them running the original parts?? Why can't we all just get along :-)

    And Patrick i don't know what you are taking about, you run a bike with an CV carb, a fully electronic ignition, and all the other stuff i have shown here. and your bike runs perfectly :-)

  5. Im pulling your leg mate.......... just the leg !!! Don't get any ideas !!

  6. Pleeeease let me know where you throw some of that old unreliable stuff :-), I`m a picker you know!