Monday, August 3, 2009


'GREASY KULTURE' has just done a feature on the 1200 U. Usually i find people in the press really fuck things up, but this magazine has really impressed me. Beautiful clean layouts and text that was not full of bullshit. This is a magazine that is really about motorcycles.


  1. James - I always knew you were a talented s.o.b.
    Keep up the good work, hope you're cosy in Denmark and remember - never let the f'kers get you down!
    all best - Oli

  2. Hi Oli

    So its sounds like you know me, so which Oliver is this?

  3. James....Jim Franco here...we talked one late night many months ago. I remember you saying you visit Seattle, Washington on occasion....when you coming this way? Gotta' get some "Killer Bobber" decals from you, my man so I can stick some on my KNuck...hell, I wanna' stick a few on my '58 Pan too!!!!!! Oh yeah...and I'll be needing another set of those cool leather/cloth tape grips fairly soon! Congrats on the ride making into the mag...she is a beauty! Take care.

    Jiom Franco
    Seattle, Washington